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My new feet came and then they went !!

Diary of a prosthetic wearer

I received my new prosthetic feet last week, they were lovely and looked amazing, it wasn’t until I started wearing them for a while when I realised that the left foot was not flexible enough and that it hurt when I walked. So they went back to the limb centre and they have sent them back to the people who make them Dorset Orthapedics.

I had to spend 5 days with no foot whilst they went back to Birmingham for the people who made them to see what was wrong. I tried to do my dance class summer school but got embarrassed in front of the other kids as I couldn’t wear a shoe on my left foot

It turns out now that I will not get my feet back for some time, it’s all very frustrating

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Prosthetic hack day at Fact

Im looking forward to seeing everyone at Fact today, it’s the day where we will get together with the guys from does to discuss how we would want our 3d hands to be in the future.

My ideas are as follows 

  1. I would like mine to have nails so I can paint them as one idea
  2. If I could make an attachment that allowed me to hold a tennis racket properly would be another
  3. Another attachment would be so I could hold a kayak paddle. As part of my year 6 leavers week I went kayaking which was great but it was hard to hold the paddle with my little hand. We even got to ride the kayaks upside down!

It was an emotional week last week saying goodbye to my school friends I’ve spent the last 6 years with. I wish you all luck in your new schools & hope we stay in touch xxx

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My foot hurts

im having real trouble with my right foot at the moment and it is getting too big for my prosthetic. We are waiting for the new ones to be delivered but the hospital say that they are now taking longer than normal because otto bock who make them are doing more private work.

It’s been Nearly a year now since my last feet arrived and it seems to be an annual event of having pain and waiting.

I hope they come soon as it’s my year 6 leavers party next week and I want to wear nice shoes!