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Prosthetic interest group is launches

My dad & Adrian from Does Liverpool met with some families yesterday to build 2 more 3d hands.

They have decided to launch an interest group at Does to meet up & continue the research into how to create 3d printed prosthetics that suit each child better.

Dad is looking into printing a flexihand for me & also how to print silicone for my feet.

There is a closed Facebook group for those wanting to be involved. Message via this site for more info.

More news & dates to follow soon.


Limb power at Stoke manderville 

We are at Stoke Manderville today for Limb Power which is an event organised so kids with limb differences can reach their sporting potential.

I’m in Gemma’s group again who is a reall inspiration, she lost her leg & still works as a spinning instructor at the gym! Thanks also to Miranda for helping our group.

Today we started off with sitting volleyball which was great. I play normal volleyball at school & love it. My mum & dad were asked if I want to go to Manchester to train with the disability group for team GB.

We have also tried tennis, indoor sailing, wheelchair basketball, athletics (my prosthetic started to rub while doing this so I had to sit out the end) & finally archery.

  Kiera Roche & her family along with all the organisers are volunteers & we are really grateful to them for organising the day.


BBC Make it Digital interview launches

Today was a really exciting day. We got an email from the BBC to say that the video they shot in the summer has launched today on their website for the make it digital series. You can see it here

Then we had a conference call with the organisers of the Telecare conference (TSA) after we have been asked along with Adrian to present at their International conference in November. It is to be held at the Celtic Manor resort in Cardiff and there will be around 600 peole there from the Medical, political and technology worlds.

TSA have asked us to present about how technology and the internet have helped me and what we believe it will do in the future.

Dad and I are going to start working on our speech with Adrian and create an inspiring talk. Watch this space !!

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The problem with sore prosthetics !

This story about how to make prosthetics more comfortable gives me a lot of hope. I have had a struggle this year with my prosthetics and it has taken since March when I was measured until now to get a check prosthesis that is comfortable.

I am grateful to the limb centre in Clatterbridge for all their hard work and care but I wish there was a quicker way to produce these prosthetics so I didn’t have to go for periods where they hurt my feet sometimes so much that i cant wear them and have to get around on crutches.

Dad is looking into how we can scan my feet with a 3d scanner and then 3d print medical grade silicone so we could maybe print my new feet in a few days when I grow out of them. Instead of the wait that has this time taken 7 months & we are still not there yet.

Fingers crossed as these ones feel really comfortable but what I’m finding is that as I go up a shoe size then my shoes slap t the floor as i have no control over the way it comes down. Difficult to explain here maybe ill post a video to show you all.

If anyone out there knows anyone who can 3d print medical silicone please get in touch.

Anyway watch this ted talk from David Sengeh