BBC Make it Digital interview launches


Today was a really exciting day. We got an email from the BBC to say that the video they shot in the summer has launched today on their website for the make it digital series. You can see it here

Then we had a conference call with the organisers of the Telecare conference (TSA) after we have been asked along with Adrian to present at their International conference in November. It is to be held at the Celtic Manor resort in Cardiff and there will be around 600 peole there from the Medical, political and technology worlds.

TSA have asked us to present about how technology and the internet have helped me and what we believe it will do in the future.

Dad and I are going to start working on our speech with Adrian and create an inspiring talk. Watch this space !!

2 thoughts on “BBC Make it Digital interview launches

  1. Baylee you are one amazing young lady who is an inspiration to all of us!!

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