Why am I here?

Don’t Point & Stare

I wrote a talk which I gave with the help of my little brother Koby to my whole school of 200+ children and teachers. The talk was to tell everyone not to point and stare but instead to come and ask, start a conversation  and find out

I gave my first talk to my school talking about prosthetics when I was 9. I wanted to get the message out that you shouldn’t look and stare at people who are different.

You can see the talk here . (waiting on School approval to show video)

The talk went down really well and I had a lot of questions from other children which was great.

This is where this website came from. I talked to more people, I found Enabling the Future, then DoES Liverpool and I built a new prosthetic hand using a 3D printer.

What I realised is that there are a lot of young people like me, facing the same challenges, problems, worries and joys. I want to be able to offer advice, to reassure them and point them in the direction of the people who’ve helped me. Because if you’re 11 and you have questions that only an 11 year old can answer and understand that’s better, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Baylee, the Charity is called “Reach” & that’s what you have done all your life, you have Reached for the stars and the stars have twinkled back at you twice as brightly. You are our brightest star along with Kobystar, & we love you both lots Grandad & Debbie xxx
    ps We love the blog!!!!


  2. Baylee you are awesome!


  3. What an inspiration you are to us all at school Baylee! You always rise to the challenge especially in our P.E lessons, giving some of the boys a run for their money in Kwik cricket! You have been a fab netball player and cricket player this year!
    What a great blog to read! Well done! I look forward to reading more!

    Miss Gerrard


  4. Baylee – what an amazingly inspirational young lady you are! I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to meeting you,

    With best wishes,
    Julie MacLaren xx

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