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First Day at High School

Its a big day tomorrow, my first day at my new High School, Im really really nervous but looking forward to it too. It has been a long journey to get to here after having to appeal and everything and Im really pleased to be at the School my family and I wanted.

Not sure how my new friends will take to me, Ive been with all my old School friends for the last 6 years and they are all used to me and don’t stare or ask questions. I hope my new school mates dont make too much fuss about my hands and feet. We will be going swimming at school and that is when I feel most exposed.

I went to my friends birthday swim party on Saturday and was really nervous about it. I hate it when people look and stare and as it happened I did get people doing it. I wanted to say something but chose not to as I didnt want to cause a scene and my school friends said they would go up to anyone and tell them to stop it. The last thing I want is to start a row so I kept quiet. It makes me mad inside and I just want to get the message out there to Not point and stare.

Well here goes, good luck to everyone else who is starting High School xxx