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DoES do it again !

My brother Koby & I had a great day today at Does Liverpool 

Adrian & Ross had been busy printing lots of 3d hands for the exhibition that starts this Thursday 4th July at FACT -Liverpool.

I am so happy, this version of the hand works so well. I can pick up my water bottle & drink & do lots more than my 2nd version we made.  The silicone tips on the hand make all the difference to my grip.


The new ultimaker 3d printers at does are printing so well, they will be on show at the exhibition

This hand is the raptor reloaded, again created by the Enable community found at enablingthefuture

Ross & I Shaking hands

This hand is the raptor reloaded, again created by enablingthefuture.

Great news to hear about funding the work of the Enable Community to help bring great moments like i am having to lots of other people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Build Your Own at FACT

Next week an exhibition opens at FACT and I’m part of it ….. well my Raptor Hand is!

Here’s what’s on the FACT website

“Hacker and entrepreneur collective DoESLiverpool will set up a production line of 3D printers at FACT. These machines will supply the components for building prosthetic hands for local people with real needs, accompanied by a series of free workshops offering visitors the chance to get involved and  “Build Their Own” Raptor Hands.”

Find out more about Build Your Own and Desktop Prosthetics here.


Hi, my name’s Baylee

IMG_8032This is where I’m meant to write why I started this blog. OK, here goes.

My name’s Baylee. I’m 11 years old. And I’m just like every other 11 year old. Pretty much.

I have missing limbs and I wear prosthetics. This all started last year when I gave a talk at school called Don’t Point and Stare. It can be hard to look different, no matter how you try to hide it. I want to let people know that being different is something you can be comfortable with.

I’m part of a charity called Reach and through them I met DoES Liverpool and Enabling the Future. This year I made my first 3D printed prosthetic hand. Then I made another one (it glows in the dark).

This blog is designed to tell you a little more about me, about my prosthetics and the different people I’ve met.

It is all pretty exciting. There are loads of people who’ve given me a helping hand. I thought it was about time I did the same as well.