Hi, my name’s Baylee


IMG_8032This is where I’m meant to write why I started this blog. OK, here goes.

My name’s Baylee. I’m 11 years old. And I’m just like every other 11 year old. Pretty much.

I have missing limbs and I wear prosthetics. This all started last year when I gave a talk at school called Don’t Point and Stare. It can be hard to look different, no matter how you try to hide it. I want to let people know that being different is something you can be comfortable with.

I’m part of a charity called Reach and through them I met DoES Liverpool and Enabling the Future. This year I made my first 3D printed prosthetic hand. Then I made another one (it glows in the dark).

This blog is designed to tell you a little more about me, about my prosthetics and the different people I’ve met.

It is all pretty exciting. There are loads of people who’ve given me a helping hand. I thought it was about time I did the same as well.

3 thoughts on “Hi, my name’s Baylee

  1. Baylee, you are a star!


  2. Wow! What a beautiful, inspiring young girl. Go Baylee!


  3. Baylee you are an Angel and you have inspired our family! I had the opportunity to meet your father recently and he was so proud of you! You go girl, wishing you a bright and wonderful future!


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