Reach & DoES Liverpool


I belong to a Charity called Reach which is here to help Children with Upper Limb Deficiency. They have an annual award – The Sue Stokes Award for the child that has done a lot to promote and help.

To my shock and surprise last year I won the award at the AGM. It was at the AGM that my Dad heard about the 3D printed prosthetic hands that were being designed by a group of people at

We looked into how to make one and Dad & I agreed that if he could find a way to make one for me that I would give 3 more talks in public.

Which leads us onto here.

DoES Liverpool & 3D Printing

In a nutshell, Dad found DoES Liverpool, a maker space where they have 3D printers and really awesome helpful people like Adrian, Patrick & Ross, they showed us once we created the files how to print the parts and then Mum, Dad, my brother Koby and I set about putting it together

I used a 3D printer at DoES Liverpool to print a prosthetic hand. It’s bright pink with dark blue fingers and glows in the dark.

DoES Liverpool is a community of makers and entrepreneurs. You can find out more about it, read their blog and everything on their website

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