The problem with sore prosthetics !

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This story about how to make prosthetics more comfortable gives me a lot of hope. I have had a struggle this year with my prosthetics and it has taken since March when I was measured until now to get a check prosthesis that is comfortable.

I am grateful to the limb centre in Clatterbridge for all their hard work and care but I wish there was a quicker way to produce these prosthetics so I didn’t have to go for periods where they hurt my feet sometimes so much that i cant wear them and have to get around on crutches.

Dad is looking into how we can scan my feet with a 3d scanner and then 3d print medical grade silicone so we could maybe print my new feet in a few days when I grow out of them. Instead of the wait that has this time taken 7 months & we are still not there yet.

Fingers crossed as these ones feel really comfortable but what I’m finding is that as I go up a shoe size then my shoes slap t the floor as i have no control over the way it comes down. Difficult to explain here maybe ill post a video to show you all.

If anyone out there knows anyone who can 3d print medical silicone please get in touch.

Anyway watch this ted talk from David Sengeh

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