Well Done Open Bionics

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We have just heard about Open Bionics winning the James Dyson Award for creating a mechanical 3d printed bionic hand.

Check out the article here

Again the creator of this Joel Gibbard has created his designs to be Open source which means they are available for free to be used so long as you make any amendments to it free to others. This technology is really flying.

I have some ideas of my own for a bionic foot following watching the video of the Ted talk by Hugh Herr, he is an amazing guy who climbs mountains with bionic legs. Its definitely worth a watch until the end where he shows a lady -Adrian Haslett Davies  who is a Ballroom dancer, she lost her leg in the Boston bombing and Hugh and his team at MIT have created a bionic leg so agile that she can now dance again. At the end of the clip she does her first performance on stage and it is quite emotional

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