DoES Measuring Workshop with Reach

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We had such a nice day yesterday at Fact’s Build your own exhibition when 14 other kids got the chance to be measured for a 3D hand. It was nice to see so many of my old friends from Reach (the charity for children with upper limb deficiency)

Baylee at the opening night of Does Liverpool & Fact exhbition

Baylee at the Fact exhibition “Build your own”

We had a great response with lots of kids from all over the North West and we even had a very special visitor from Devon. Harrison had travelled all the way with his Mum and Dad to hear about 3D printing and to get measured up.

We had another visitor Drew Murray all the way from Milton Keynes. Drew had heard about our project and has built a number of 3d hands for children and was on the TV before me to talk about them.

He came to share his knowledge and he knows a lot about how to measure and size the hands for the best fit.

He even had a 3d scanner and used it to scan my hand and Koby’s face !

Drew Murray is one of the UK experts on making 3d Printed hands

Baylee & Drew Murray

We found a video that explains how the whole movement for 3D hands started. I hope you find it interesting

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