Tennis Champions !! & Sports day – A busy week

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Last week I represented my school in the school tennis competition and we won !

I played 4 matches. We got in to the semi- finals, which we won ,so then we were in the finals.

We were in the finals with Riverside, they were really good. We actually drew our game with them but my school managed to get the extra points to win. So we won.

i just want to say a great big thank you to Miss Gerard for organising it she did a great job. And also a thank you to all the other schools for giving it their best shot, you all did great. Also a thanks to Thea and Max & Nicolas my team mates in THE A TEAM.

The next day was sports day which I took part in the sprint, my class mates gave me a small head start which was really good of them. I had a good go but didn’t manage to win, never mind.FullSizeRender[2]

Keeping the medals flowing in our house my Bro Koby won the sprint and my mum won the Mums race.

We also had some activities and team races, this picture was a race where we had to get fancy dressed whilst running.

My week was capped by a very generous gift from David M Robinson, oh my gosh I am so lucky and thank you so very much

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