What a week !!


Where do I start?

I have had such a busy few days and just got back from Cardiff where I spoke at the TSA International conference to a lot of very important people from the medical and technology worlds and also met some politicians there too.

The weekend started on Friday when I got a nice surprise after school as the limb centre and the guys at Dorset Orthopedic (who make my prosthetics) had rushed my feet through so I had them for the conference. They look amazing and as you can see when I am next to Koby they look so real


Spot which ones are mine?

We had a final run through of our speech on Thursday and Friday and I started to get nervous about singing the song accapella – Runnin by Beyonce. Everything else was fine.

On Sunday we drove to Cardiff and got to The Celtic Manor a 5 star hotel at about 3pm,

we had time to meet our friends Lois & Joe and then had a swim before dinner in a posh restaurant. Early to bed as we had to be fresh for the speech on Monday.

Before you ask we were given special permission to miss school as this was such a big event and Dad said to School we would learn a lot from it. On Monday we woke up and had a swim after breakfast then we had to rush to get ready, not sure why as we were not speaking until 3.30pm but Dad wanted to check it all out.


The main hall where the speeches were is huge, we saw it the night before as it was being set up but this was amazing with all the lights and people in it. Not sure how many saw the talk but TSA said there were around 450 people there. We met Adrian and Patrick downstairs and spent the rest of the morning riding on the escalators in the hotel with Koby. Then we met the lady’s who made all this happen for us Nicola Wass and Alyson Scurfield who is the boss of TSA

The day went so slow but the longer it went on the more confident I felt about doing the speech and the song. We went into the hall about 45 mins before we were due to go live and did a sound check. I ran through the song and felt like it was right to do it.

Before long the hall was filling up and we were introduced by the minister Paul Burstow and then we were off.

We will post a video of the talk when we have it as TSA have videoed the whole thing and said they will share it.

After the talk we heard an interesting man Matthew Warnes who was in a terrible car accident and has rebuilt his life to help others through creating homes ready for those with disabilities.

Afterwards we were interviewed by Bob, Nicola’s husband and I was given a beautiful ring by Alyson with my birth stone in it!!

We had to leave then booooo !! Dad said we had to get back for school, Koby & I just wanted to stay and we loved it so much.

Thank you to everyone we met for treating us so special and we hope to see you all soon xx

3 thoughts on “What a week !!

  1. Listened to Baylee on Monday at conference – she is AMAZING – a young lady presenting so professionally for such young age – what a bright future she has…………

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  2. Baylee was and is amazing – and so is Koby her brother. Koby’s words of advice on speaking in front of so many people were things that took me years to realise. So a pretty amazing bunch all round 🙂

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  3. Baylee is an absolutely amazing young individual, she presented on stage with confidence and really demonstrated to the Technology Enabled Care Sector how thinking differently and tailoring services to the needs of the individual – what a difference it makes to individuals lives. Baylee you made our conference so special and I really want to thank you for that. You have a bright future ahead of you what a super star… Alyson Scurfield – Chief Executive TSA

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