TSA Conference Speech

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I am looking forward to my speech  at TSA conference next week at Celtic Manor in Cardiff to speak to 600 delegates about my life with prosthetics and my hopes and dreams for a faster way of making my prosthetics.

It really is a big honour to be asked to do this and I will be joined on stage by Adrian from Does Liverpool who will help me to explain the 3D printing process.

My Dad says I am on the advert to speak with some really big names. Hope all goes well but I will keep you updated here

The list of speakers – & ME !!


This week I am hoping to get my new prosthetics which I have been waiting for since April, my current ones are just about falling apart and are giving me blisters where they pinch my skin due to them being split. I hope the new ones fit as this is the 2nd attempt at making them and I fear a long period on crutches if these don’t work.

Fingers crossed xxxx

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