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First Day at High School

Its a big day tomorrow, my first day at my new High School, Im really really nervous but looking forward to it too. It has been a long journey to get to here after having to appeal and everything and Im really pleased to be at the School my family and I wanted.

Not sure how my new friends will take to me, Ive been with all my old School friends for the last 6 years and they are all used to me and don’t stare or ask questions. I hope my new school mates dont make too much fuss about my hands and feet. We will be going swimming at school and that is when I feel most exposed.

I went to my friends birthday swim party on Saturday and was really nervous about it. I hate it when people look and stare and as it happened I did get people doing it. I wanted to say something but chose not to as I didnt want to cause a scene and my school friends said they would go up to anyone and tell them to stop it. The last thing I want is to start a row so I kept quiet. It makes me mad inside and I just want to get the message out there to Not point and stare.

Well here goes, good luck to everyone else who is starting High School xxx

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Well Done Open Bionics

We have just heard about Open Bionics winning the James Dyson Award for creating a mechanical 3d printed bionic hand.

Check out the article here

Again the creator of this Joel Gibbard has created his designs to be Open source which means they are available for free to be used so long as you make any amendments to it free to others. This technology is really flying.

I have some ideas of my own for a bionic foot following watching the video of the Ted talk by Hugh Herr, he is an amazing guy who climbs mountains with bionic legs. Its definitely worth a watch until the end where he shows a lady -Adrian Haslett Davies  who is a Ballroom dancer, she lost her leg in the Boston bombing and Hugh and his team at MIT have created a bionic leg so agile that she can now dance again. At the end of the clip she does her first performance on stage and it is quite emotional

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3d workshop Maker day 2

Wow what can i say today has been amazing!!!! I feel so good, it was great to see boys and girls come today to make their 3d hands.

We had 4 families there today who have left with their completed hands, added to the 3 families 2 weeks ago that means we have a grand total of 7 kids now with 3d hands.

We now hope to see everyone and anyone else that wants to join us at the interest group that will be starting at Does sometime in the next few months.

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My new feet came and then they went !!

Diary of a prosthetic wearer

I received my new prosthetic feet last week, they were lovely and looked amazing, it wasn’t until I started wearing them for a while when I realised that the left foot was not flexible enough and that it hurt when I walked. So they went back to the limb centre and they have sent them back to the people who make them Dorset Orthapedics.

I had to spend 5 days with no foot whilst they went back to Birmingham for the people who made them to see what was wrong. I tried to do my dance class summer school but got embarrassed in front of the other kids as I couldn’t wear a shoe on my left foot

It turns out now that I will not get my feet back for some time, it’s all very frustrating

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Prosthetic hack day at Fact

Im looking forward to seeing everyone at Fact today, it’s the day where we will get together with the guys from does to discuss how we would want our 3d hands to be in the future.

My ideas are as follows 

  1. I would like mine to have nails so I can paint them as one idea
  2. If I could make an attachment that allowed me to hold a tennis racket properly would be another
  3. Another attachment would be so I could hold a kayak paddle. As part of my year 6 leavers week I went kayaking which was great but it was hard to hold the paddle with my little hand. We even got to ride the kayaks upside down!

It was an emotional week last week saying goodbye to my school friends I’ve spent the last 6 years with. I wish you all luck in your new schools & hope we stay in touch xxx