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My foot hurts

im having real trouble with my right foot at the moment and it is getting too big for my prosthetic. We are waiting for the new ones to be delivered but the hospital say that they are now taking longer than normal because otto bock who make them are doing more private work.

It’s been Nearly a year now since my last feet arrived and it seems to be an annual event of having pain and waiting.

I hope they come soon as it’s my year 6 leavers party next week and I want to wear nice shoes!

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New Bionic glove – really interesting

Check out this article and video, its really interesting where this technology is going. Maybe one day soon I will be able to use my hand to do more things like hold a knife or scissors or even hold the nailbrush to paint my nails on my left hand !!

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Tennis Champions !! & Sports day – A busy week

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]

Last week I represented my school in the school tennis competition and we won !

I played 4 matches. We got in to the semi- finals, which we won ,so then we were in the finals.

We were in the finals with Riverside, they were really good. We actually drew our game with them but my school managed to get the extra points to win. So we won.

i just want to say a great big thank you to Miss Gerard for organising it she did a great job. And also a thank you to all the other schools for giving it their best shot, you all did great. Also a thanks to Thea and Max & Nicolas my team mates in THE A TEAM.

The next day was sports day which I took part in the sprint, my class mates gave me a small head start which was really good of them. I had a good go but didn’t manage to win, never mind.FullSizeRender[2]

Keeping the medals flowing in our house my Bro Koby won the sprint and my mum won the Mums race.

We also had some activities and team races, this picture was a race where we had to get fancy dressed whilst running.

My week was capped by a very generous gift from David M Robinson, oh my gosh I am so lucky and thank you so very much

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DoES Measuring Workshop with Reach

We had such a nice day yesterday at Fact’s Build your own exhibition when 14 other kids got the chance to be measured for a 3D hand. It was nice to see so many of my old friends from Reach (the charity for children with upper limb deficiency)

Baylee at the opening night of Does Liverpool & Fact exhbition

Baylee at the Fact exhibition “Build your own”

We had a great response with lots of kids from all over the North West and we even had a very special visitor from Devon. Harrison had travelled all the way with his Mum and Dad to hear about 3D printing and to get measured up.

We had another visitor Drew Murray all the way from Milton Keynes. Drew had heard about our project and has built a number of 3d hands for children and was on the TV before me to talk about them.

He came to share his knowledge and he knows a lot about how to measure and size the hands for the best fit.

He even had a 3d scanner and used it to scan my hand and Koby’s face !

Drew Murray is one of the UK experts on making 3d Printed hands

Baylee & Drew Murray

We found a video that explains how the whole movement for 3D hands started. I hope you find it interesting

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3D measuring workshop at Fact, Liverpool

I’m really excited to see my friends & anyone new that comes along to Fact Liverpool today.

Does Logo


Along with DoES we are holding 2 workshops at 12 & 2pm where people can get measured and learn about 3d Printing and then over the next 3 months Adrian, Ross & Patrick from Does Liverpool will print the hands before we come back to build them together.

2015-06-04 17.19.45 (1)


There is another day planned aswell where we will get together to discuss what super power we want to have from our hand – What would you change on your hand to give you a super power? I would love to hear from you

2015-06-04 17.30.26 (1)

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What an Amazing Day !

I had the most amazing day yesterday, it started as soon as we woke up. The phone at home was going crazy with the press wanting to come and take pictures and interview me.

At 7.30 we had a photographer at the door & me and Koby thought it was Ed Sheeran (sorry Iain). He took lots of great pictures adn Mum was in a flap as she hadn’t done my hair!!!

Koby loved all the big camera’s and lenses

Baylee Abbott(11) from Oxton who  has a thumb and three fingers missing has had a prosthetic hand made using a  3d printer.  Baylee high fives brother Koby

Baylee Abbott(11) from Oxton who has a thumb and three fingers missing has had a prosthetic hand made using a 3d printer. Baylee high fives brother Koby

I then went to school and Mum phoned me at School to say we were going to go on Tv that night!

We were picked up early and when I got home Radio City were there to do an interview, the lady Roisin was so lovely and made me relax.

Baylee Abbott(11) from Oxton who  has a thumb and three fingers missing has had a prosthetic hand made using a  3d printer.  Baylee with a few versions of the hand

Baylee Abbott(11) from Oxton who has a thumb and three fingers missing has had a prosthetic hand made using a 3d printer. Baylee with a few versions of the hand

The excitement didn’t stop there, we were picked up in a big people carrier and taken to pick up Adrian from DoES Liverpool and we all went to Media City Manchester, what a place. We were so excited, Nazia who is the producer of NorthWest tonight came to meet us and took us up stairs, there were lots of desks and computers and everyone looked very busy. We saw the sports section where they do the live sports news and then went up the chill out area outside the studio.

2015-06-01 17.59.29

When we went into the studio we met Roger and Annabelle who were so nice, infact everyone was from the man who gave us our microphones to the camera man who gave Koby a lesson on how to film.


The interview went really well and I was relaxed. Dad was a bit nervous and said he got choked when he heard me talking so well.


After the interview we all got to go back in and have our picture taken and have a chat.

2015-06-01 18.59.57


Diane let us do the weather and Koby had a go, I couldn’t help but laugh when he said it was going to be windy, it’s always windy when he’s had beans!!

2015-06-01 19.09.53

2015-06-01 19.08.30-1We got a lift back and dropped Adrian back at DoES so he could set the 3D printer off printing some more hands ready for the exhibition this Thursday at Fact.

We couldn’t sleep when we got home so Dad helped me do this. Im off to bed now. I think Leanne & Dave are calling from Radio City tomorrow for a chat! Nite Nite.


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DoES do it again !

My brother Koby & I had a great day today at Does Liverpool 

Adrian & Ross had been busy printing lots of 3d hands for the exhibition that starts this Thursday 4th July at FACT -Liverpool.

I am so happy, this version of the hand works so well. I can pick up my water bottle & drink & do lots more than my 2nd version we made.  The silicone tips on the hand make all the difference to my grip.


The new ultimaker 3d printers at does are printing so well, they will be on show at the exhibition

This hand is the raptor reloaded, again created by the Enable community found at enablingthefuture

Ross & I Shaking hands

This hand is the raptor reloaded, again created by enablingthefuture.

Great news to hear about funding the work of the Enable Community to help bring great moments like i am having to lots of other people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Build Your Own at FACT

Next week an exhibition opens at FACT and I’m part of it ….. well my Raptor Hand is!

Here’s what’s on the FACT website

“Hacker and entrepreneur collective DoESLiverpool will set up a production line of 3D printers at FACT. These machines will supply the components for building prosthetic hands for local people with real needs, accompanied by a series of free workshops offering visitors the chance to get involved and  “Build Their Own” Raptor Hands.”

Find out more about Build Your Own and Desktop Prosthetics here.


Hi, my name’s Baylee

IMG_8032This is where I’m meant to write why I started this blog. OK, here goes.

My name’s Baylee. I’m 11 years old. And I’m just like every other 11 year old. Pretty much.

I have missing limbs and I wear prosthetics. This all started last year when I gave a talk at school called Don’t Point and Stare. It can be hard to look different, no matter how you try to hide it. I want to let people know that being different is something you can be comfortable with.

I’m part of a charity called Reach and through them I met DoES Liverpool and Enabling the Future. This year I made my first 3D printed prosthetic hand. Then I made another one (it glows in the dark).

This blog is designed to tell you a little more about me, about my prosthetics and the different people I’ve met.

It is all pretty exciting. There are loads of people who’ve given me a helping hand. I thought it was about time I did the same as well.